1. The residents are supposed to maintain decorum of the hostel.

2. Residents are responsible for all their personal belongings and valuable items like cell/mobile phone, laptop, computer, watches and money, etc. The hostel is not responsible for any loss of personal items.

3. Residents are responsible for the up-keeping, cleanliness and tidiness of their rooms at all times including the common areas in the hostel, such as the lounge area, drawing bar and bathrooms for the convenience of the next users.

4. Any damage to the common property or shared facilities of the hostel will attract fines.

5. No male visitors are allowed inside the campus.

6. Non-Vegetarian food is strictly not allowed inside the hostel premises, not even online orders.

7. Possession and consumption of intoxicants and any kind of substance abuse is strictly prohibited in the hostel.

8. Residents should follow the timing rules of the hostel and should give prior information (authorised by parents) before leaving the hostel for night outs or holiday breaks.

9. Ragging of any form is strictly prohibited within the premises.

10. The residents have to timely pay the fees of the hostel else late charges will be LEVIED.